Odisha LAccMI Scheme 2023: Apply Online | Benefits & Eligibility

Odisha LAccMI Scheme 2023:- On 4th July, the Odisha government launched the LAccMI Scheme with the aim of enhancing transportation in rural areas across the state. This initiative is geared towards providing affordable and convenient transport options to the citizens residing in rural regions. The scheme will initially focus on improving intra-block and intra-district connectivity and later expand to integrate inter-city bus operations. In this article, we will delve into the purpose of the Odisha LAccMI Scheme, its benefits, and the eligibility criteria.

Odisha Set to Launch LAccMI Scheme

The launch of the LAccMI Scheme by the Odisha government marks a significant step towards enhancing transportation in rural areas. This initiative will address the challenges faced by rural communities and provide them with affordable and convenient transport options. By improving connectivity, the scheme aims to promote socio-economic development, reduce dependence on private vehicles, and enhance the overall quality of life in rural areas.

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Overview of Odisha LAccMI Scheme

Scheme NameOdisha LAccMI Scheme
Launched ByBy the Government of Odisha
BeneficiariesCitizens of Odisha State
Application ProcedureTo be launched soon
ObjectiveImproving Rural Transport in the State of Odisha
BenefitsRural transport will be improved in the state of Odisha
CategoryOdisha Government Schemes
Official WebsiteWill be released soon

Objectives of LAccMI Scheme

The primary objective of the LAccMI Scheme is to address the transportation challenges faced by rural communities in Odisha. By improving connectivity within and between villages, the scheme intends to enhance accessibility and promote socio-economic development in these areas. It seeks to bridge the gap between rural and urban regions by providing an efficient and affordable mode of transportation. The first phase of this scheme will be launched on October 2 in the rural areas of Odisha state.

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Benefits of LAccMI Scheme

  • The LAccMI Scheme aims to enhance connectivity in rural areas of Odisha, particularly in regions with limited or no public transportation options. By expanding the reach of transportation services, the scheme will ensure that residents have easier access to essential facilities such as educational institutions, healthcare centers, markets, and employment opportunities.
  • The scheme will focus on providing quick and efficient last-mile connectivity, addressing the transportation challenges faced by individuals living in remote areas. This will enable them to connect seamlessly with the existing transportation network, facilitating their access to vital services and resources.
  • One significant aspect of the LAccMI Scheme is its integration of emergency medical services. With the extension of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), trauma patients in rural areas will have access to rapid and efficient transportation to medical facilities. This will help save lives by ensuring timely medical intervention within the critical “golden hour.”
  • The LAccMI Scheme aims to ensure safer transportation for residents of rural areas. By providing immediate transfer of road accident victims requiring trauma care, the scheme plays a crucial role in reducing response time and improving the chances of survival for those in need of urgent medical attention.
  • The LAccMI Scheme in Odisha brings numerous benefits to rural areas, including improved connectivity, last-mile connectivity, emergency medical services, enhanced road safety, socio-economic development, reduced dependency on private vehicles, and accessibility for all. By addressing transportation challenges, this scheme strives to uplift rural communities and improve the overall quality of life for its residents.

LAccMI Scheme Eligibility

  • This scheme is only available for the residents of Odisha.
  • The state government is only providing benefits to the citizens of rural areas of the state.

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How to Apply under LAccMI Scheme

The state government has just announced to start this scheme. The government have not published the official website, however, government will publish the official website of this program.


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