Kerala Athidhi Portal for Migrant Workers Online Registration

Athidhi Portal Kerala:-The Kerala government has unveiled the Athidhi Portal, a platform designed for the registration of migrant laborers. On August 7, the labor department made an announcement, revealing the imminent statewide launch of the website, which will facilitate the registration of migrant workers. Both contractors who employ temporary workers within the state and employers will have the ability to register their employees through this portal. The launch of the Athidhi Portal on Monday by the Kerala state government aims to streamline the migrant worker registration process and establish a dedicated identification system for enhanced implementation.

Athidhi Portal Kerala

Athidhi Portal Kerala

Introducing the Athidhi Portal Kerala An initiative by the state government aimed at simplifying the registration process for migrant workers. This user-friendly online platform is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in registering migrant laborers in Kerala while also implementing a distinct identity system. The decision to accelerate the registration of “guest workers” comes in response to concerns following two alleged incidents of sexual offenses involving children, attributed to migrant workers.

ILGMS Login Kerala Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the schemeAthidhi Portal Kerala
Launched byKerala government
Departmentlabour department
ObjectiveTo register the migrant workers
Official website

The Athidhi Portal Kerala offers several key advantages

  • The portal gathers and maintains accurate employee information, aiding efficient workforce management.
  • Migrant workers gain access to social security benefits for their well-being.
  • The portal updates labor governance, aligning with current standards.
  • Simplifies health insurance enrollment for both registered and unregistered workers.
  • Eases registration, reducing administrative complexities.
  • Data analysis enables informed labor policy and resource allocation.
  • Enhances transparency, accountability, and trust among stakeholders.
  • Addresses recent concerns, demonstrating prompt government action.
  • Improves resource distribution and support for migrant workers.
  • Reflects commitment to human rights, dignity, and ethical treatment.

Migrant Registration online Process on Athidhi Portal Kerala

Kerala Athidhi Portal
  • Access Migrant Sign-up: On the homepage, click on the Migrant Sign-up Process option.
  • Fill in the required information:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth (D.O.B)
  • Mobile number
  • One-Time Password (OTP)
  • Password
  • After entering the details, click the Submit button.

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