J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24: Registration Process and Benefits

The Central and state governments have initiated various schemes to provide housing to citizens without their own homes. These schemes offer land and financial aid, enabling beneficiaries to own a house. Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir government introduced the J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24. This scheme entails allocating 5 marlas of land to each landless family for constructing their own homes. This comprehensive article outlines the specifics of the J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24, including application procedures, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, necessary documents, and more. It provides insight into how to apply for the scheme and equips readers with essential information to take advantage of this housing initiative.

About J&K Land for Landless Scheme

The Jammu and Kashmir government has introduced the J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24. This initiative aims to provide 5 Marla land to citizens who lack land ownership, facilitating them in constructing their own homes. Notably, on 24 June 2023, the Jammu and Kashmir administrative council further revealed that the third phase of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana will be extended to those beneficiaries who have been previously overlooked or lack a personal residence. By implementing this scheme, numerous families will have the opportunity to achieve homeownership, thus bolstering their financial standing.

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Beyond the economic aspect, this scheme fosters self-reliance among beneficiaries. With government-backed funding for housing, beneficiaries need not rely on external sources to acquire a home. An estimated 1.83 lakh families are set to benefit from this initiative, as the government plans to allocate approximately 2711 plots under the J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24. This forward-looking endeavor is anticipated to bring about transformative changes by providing citizens the means to secure a dwelling and enhance their overall quality of life.

Key Highlights Of J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24

Name of the schemeJ&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24
Launched byGovernment of Jammu and Kashmir
BeneficiaryCitizens of Jammu and Kashmir
ObjectiveTo provide own house
Official website
StateJammu and Kashmir
Mode of applicationOnline and offline

Objective Of Landless Scheme

The primary objective of the J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24 is to facilitate the provision of land to beneficiaries, enabling them to construct their own homes. By allocating 5 marlas of land under this scheme, the government empowers beneficiaries to realize their dream of homeownership independently. With this initiative, individuals will no longer have to rely on external sources to secure housing.

This scheme is set to distribute over 2000 plots, benefiting approximately 2 lakh citizens. By fulfilling the aspirations of beneficiaries to own houses, the scheme contributes to an improved standard of living for these individuals. The overarching goal is to enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of beneficiaries, ensuring that they can establish a secure and dignified place to call home.

Benefits And Features

  • Beneficiaries are provided with the opportunity to secure 5 marlas of land on a lease basis. This allocation empowers landless citizens to build their own homes.
  • Those who qualify for the benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana will also be eligible to reap the advantages of the J&K Land for Landless Scheme.
  • Citizens will no longer need to rely on external sources for housing, as the government is committed to providing plots to eligible beneficiaries.
  • The scheme extends its benefits even to those whose houses have been destroyed due to terrorist attacks, offering them a chance to rebuild and reclaim their lives.
  • A total of 2711 landless families will be granted plots of their own, each spanning an area of 150 square yards.
  • Around 2 lakh families stand to gain from this initiative, contributing to a substantial improvement in their quality of life and overall well-being

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Beneficiaries who have made decisions on farmland are eligible for this scheme.
  • Families residing in forest areas can also qualify for the benefits of this scheme.
  • Individuals residing on custodian land are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Applicants must not possess any residential property/house in their name.
  • Citizens whose houses have been destroyed due to terrorist attacks are also eligible to apply under this scheme.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • PAN card

Procedure To Apply Under J&K Land for Landless Scheme

The recently launched J&K Land for Landless Scheme 2023-24 offers a pathway to homeownership. However, as of now, the government has not unveiled an official website for the application process. We are committed to keeping you informed on any developments regarding the official application platform. Kindly stay connected with this article for timely updates on the application procedure.


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