Haryana Roadways Driver Training 2023: Online Registration, Fees & Status Check

Haryana Roadways Driver Training :- has introduced a training application designed for individuals aspiring to pursue a career as heavy vehicle drivers. This article presents a comprehensive guide encompassing the application list, methods to track application status, as well as the eligibility criteria and application process for enrolling in the Haryana Roadways Driver Training program. All relevant details concerning the application for heavy vehicle driver training with Haryana Roadways are outlined here. Additionally, you can access the official website of Haryana Transport Services, along with the online application form link required for the Haryana Roadways Driver Training program for heavy vehicles.

Haryana Roadways Driver Training

Haryana Roadways Driver Training

Haryana Roadways Driver Training Program The official transportation website of the Haryana government has initiated the process of accepting applications for individuals seeking training to operate heavy vehicles on the roads within the state of Haryana. This training initiative aims to enhance driver skills and contribute to the overall safety of the general public on the roads. The training program is designed to deliver superior quality instruction. Successful completion of this training is a prerequisite for obtaining a driving license that permits the operation of heavy vehicles on Haryana’s roads.

Haryana Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana

Advantages of Haryana Roadways Driver Training

  • Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of operating heavy vehicles on the regular roads within Haryana state.
  • Enrollees can benefit from the program at an exceptionally low fee, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of individuals.
  • The training program is open to individuals without stringent higher education prerequisites, making it accessible to a diverse pool of applicants.

Application Fee Structure To initiate the application process for the license

  • Applicants are required to adhere to the following application fees:
  • General Candidates: A fee of Rupees 3000 is applicable.
  • Reserved Candidates: A reduced fee of Rupees 1500 is applicable.

Eligibility Criteria  

  • The applicant must be aged 20 years or above.
  • The applicant should have successfully completed at least the 8th grade from a recognized educational board.

Documents Needed for Training Application

  • To complete the application for Haryana Roadways Training, applicants need to provide the following documents:
  • Applicants are required to submit valid ID proof documents, such as Aadhaar Card or PAN Card.
  • If the applicant belongs to a specific caste category, they must furnish the appropriate caste certificate.

MIS Portal Haryana

How to Apply In Haryana Roadways Driver Training

  • Firstly, visit the official website.
  • On the homepage, locate and click on the “Apply Online for Driver Training” section.
  • The Haryana Driver Training Online Application Form will be displayed.
  • Provide the required information, including:
  • Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Address
  • Educational Qualification
  • Date of Birth, etc.
  • After completing the form, click on the “Submit – Applicant Details” option.
  • Your application form will be successfully submitted.
  • By following these steps, you will have effectively applied for the Haryana Roadways Driver Training program.

Checking Application Status for Haryana Roadways Training

  • Firstly, go to the official website.
  • On the homepage, look for the “Application Status” option related to Haryana Roadways Driver Training.
  • Click on the “ Application Status” option to open a new window.
  • In the new window, provide your Application ID in the designated field.
  •  After entering your Application ID, click on the “Search” button.

Seats Distribution For The Training

Training StationTotal Seats per monthNo. of Applications
pending for training
Yamuna Nagar162425 (Approx. 2 months waiting)
Kaithal280739 (Approx. 2 months waiting)
Faridabad4097 (Approx. 2 months waiting)
NUH310918 (Approx. 2 months waiting)
DTI, Murthal200572 (Approx. 2 months waiting)
Jhajjar140482 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Gurugram200638 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Kurukshetra280858 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Panchkula100373 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Panipat2801040 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Rohtak2801019 (Approx. 3 months waiting)
Palwal80365 (Approx. 4 months waiting)
Ambala140694 (Approx. 4 months waiting)
Jind2801683 (Approx. 6 months waiting)
Rewari140876 (Approx. 6 months waiting)
GCW, Karnal2101498 (Approx. 7 months waiting)
Sirsa2802294 (Approx. 8 months waiting)
Ch. Dadri2251800 (Approx. 8 months waiting)
Bhiwani1401308 (Approx. 9 months waiting)
Narnaul1601686 (Approx. 10 months waiting)
Fatehabad2803255 (Approx. 11 months waiting)
GCW, Hisar2803513 (Approx. 12 months waiting)

Contact Details

Training SchoolTraining InchargeContact No.
Haryana Roadways, Faridabad ( Faridabad )Sh. Jagdish, Clerk+91-7015617274
Haryana Roadways, Panchkula ( Panchkula )Sh. Anup Singh, Clerk+91-9992563498
Haryana Roadways, Palwal ( Palwal )Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Clerk+91-9050452636
Haryana Roadways, Kurukshetra ( Kurukshetra )Sh. Surender Kumar, Clerk+91-7056640006
Haryana Roadways, Yamuna Nagar ( Yamuna Nagar )Sh. Anuj Kumar, Clerk+91-9050372764
Haryana Roadways, Jhajjar ( Jhajjar )Sh. Amit Kumar, Clerk+91-8607045450
Haryana Roadways, GCW, Karnal ( GCW, Karnal )Sh. Anil Kumar, Clerk+91-8950217717
Haryana Roadways, Rewari ( Rewari )Sh. Vinod Kumar+91-9466042970
Haryana Roadways, Ambala ( Ambala )Sh. Kulwinder Singh, Clerk+91-8901450968
Haryana Roadways, Panipat ( Panipat )Sh. Ram Niwas, Clerk+91-9466344522
Haryana Roadways, Narnaul ( Mohindergarh )Sh. Jaswant Singh, Clerk+91-9466275859
Haryana Roadways, Rohtak ( Rohtak )Sh. Ashok Kumar, D-109+91-9812195325
Haryana Roadways, Gurugram ( Gurgaon )Sh. Samay Singh+91-7027638059
Haryana Roadways, Kaithal ( Kaithal )Sh. Kuldeep Singh, T.V.F.+91-9416611002
Driver Training Institute, DTI, Murthal ( DTI, Murthal )Sh. Krishan Chand, S.S.I.+91-8059701422
Haryana Roadways, Bhiwani ( Bhiwani )Sh. Deepak, Steno+91-8307809015
Haryana Roadways, Jind ( Jind )Sh. Hansraj, Clerk+91-9467683969
Haryana Roadways, NUH ( NUH )Sh. Sonu Yadav, C:770+91-8901152638
Haryana Roadways, GCW, Hisar ( GCW-Hisar )Sh. Satish Kumar, Clerk+91-9466479386
Haryana Roadways, Sirsa ( Sirsa )Sh. Dharam Pal, Inspector+91-9416262689
Haryana Roadways, Fatehabad ( Bhuna )Sh. Ram Singh Dhaka, Inspector+91-9416380394
Haryana Roadways, Ch. Dadri ( Ch. Dadri )Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Clerk+91-9466427494

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